Thank you for visiting Renaissance College. Students enjoyed the story and they could connect the role play activities with the story too. The pace and movement during the sessions were done in good time. We really appreciated you for being so flexible and be able to adjust the presentations to students in different levels. - Ms. Shirley Chan - Teacher Librarian Renaissance College - May 2017

Thanks again for coming in this week. I have spoken with staff and have bullet pointed their feedback:

  • Very appropriate for the age group being taught. Pitch was excellent. 
  • The children really enjoyed the storytelling session. The voices and audience participation made it particularly entertaining for them.
  • Some children have gone on to write one of the longest pieces of writing they have ever produced -  We will be taking this further in the coming weeks to see what else we can get from the children.
  • Workshop sessions were the right amount of time and children were engaged.​ - Mr. Carl Davidson - Year 2 Teacher - Nord Anglia International School - Jan 2017

Dear Reena,
Thank you again for your visit and for your interest in our students.  Here is some feedback from the teachers:
·        Very engaging for the children
·        Good connection to their interests
·        Involving them in the activities
·        Allowing movement as an activity
From my perspective, as I told you on Thursday, I was impressed by your presentation because of your professionalism and your commitment to your craft and the role of visiting author.
Do keep in touch and the best of luck with your very important work. - Mr. John Urquhart - PYP Coordinator - Think International School - Feb 2017

Reena presented her book and its theme to the children in an engaging way.  She encouraged the children to question and her writing workshop was age appropriate and enjoyed by all.  A lovely author to work with, Reena is professional and organised. - Ms. Emily Jeves - Teacher Librarian - Beacon Hill School - Mar 2017

Thank so much for coming today - the students and staff really enjoyed your story, and the Y2 teachers said it fit in with their talks about kindness. Thanks again for a lovely visit and for all the sessions you did. The readings with the students were very engaging. - Ms. Trish Oliver - Glenealy School Librarian, Nov 2016

Hi Ms. Reena,
First, let me thank you for coming to share your story with us this week. I felt like it resonated with the age group of my class, as well as the other children who attended. You were warm and kind and patient with the children from the start. It is no small feat to capture the attention of such an audience! The story resonated with the children for several reasons, I think. The characters were all animals that most of the children know well, or are learning about. I also like that they were all positive in their efforts to help the birthday recipient. Your language and speech as a storyteller was excellent, as the children were all focused on every pause. I was impressed with the experience and thank you again for signing all the names of the children in the book we purchased for our classroom. Thank you and I wish you all the best in the future. - Mr. Ben Owens - Korean International School - Kindergarten teacher, Nov 2016​​

Some feedback from CAIS teachers:

  • I liked how Reena had the students think of ways that the characters were kind in the book and then related it to examples in real life.
  • I liked how Reena worked the whole room when doing her questioning.
  • I liked how she had the students make connections between the book and their lives

Thanks again so much for coming! We really enjoyed your visit! - Ms. Jocelyn Barnstable - Teacher Librarian - CAIS - Feb 2017

On a personal note,  I was very happy because of the wonderful feedback from the teachers and kids. Also I was very pleased to meet you as you are humble, nice and has a calm personality. I can see that you are very keen and organised in your craft. I love your presentation. - Ms. Fritzie Habel - Teacher Librarian - Think International School - Feb 2017