What's in the name? 

1. When considered as a verb, to muse is to think, so an inspired muse is an inspired thinking experience.

2 When considered as a noun, the muses are nine Greek goddesses, daughters of Zeus, each in charge of one area of creativity. Muses were prayed to before anyone embarked on any kind of creative endeavour, with the hope that the blessings of these nine experts would always be upon the person, guiding them to do well. So, if the muses themselves give inspiration, then what is an inspired muse? An inspired muse is a muse who has her own, secret channel of inspiration, a direct connection to the haven of the illuminated, a link to the pool of insightful ideas. 

What are our aims?

Inspired Muse! aims to tell stories like no other. To use its stories to inspire a variety of audiences, some young in age, some young at heart and some in between. It provides edutainment for the young and forces its older audiences to think outside the box. After all, the muses, once inspired, are capable of anything! 

This can be done through the books we create, workshops we run and/or any other creative collaboration you have in mind. To discuss further, please contact us: here


About the Inspired Muse!

Our Logo!


Of course, there has to be some meaning behind it. The colours and the design couldn't possibly have been chosen at random. See if you can figure out the layers behind our logo. Send us a note to share your analysis and if you're right, we might post it on the site!