Hi Ms. Reena,
First, let me thank you for coming to share your story... I felt like it resonated with the age group of my class, as well as... Read more...

Thank so much for coming today - the students and staff really enjoyed your story, and the Y2 teachers said... Read more...​​

Thanks again for coming in this week. I have spoken with staff and have bullet pointed their feedback:

  • Very appropriate for the age group being taught. Pitch was... Read more...

On a personal note,  I was very happy because... Read more...

Dear Reena,
Thank you again...  Here is some feedback from the teachers:
·        Very engaging for the children
·        Good connection to...

Some feedback from CAIS teachers:

Reena presented her book and its theme to the children in an engaging way.  She encouraged the children to...  Read more...

Thank you for visiting Renaissance College. Students enjoyed the story and they could connect the... Read more...

Here are some pictures from some of Reena's author visits to Kowloon Junior School, Japanese International School, Harbour School, Glenealy School, Korean International School, Nord Anglia International School, British Council International Pre-School, Think International School, Christian Alliance International School, Sha Tin Junior School, Discovery Bay International School, American International School, Renaissance College Hong Kong and Hong Kong Adventist Academy in Hong Kong. 

Every author's secret dream is to meet their readers. To watch their expressions change as their readers interact with characters, plots and settings conjured up in the corners of their wild imaginations. Could your school be the next place where the characters of our first book, Surprising Mrs Rhubarbson, come alive? To arrange an author visit, please fill out this form

Testimonials from Schools

Author Visits

​List of schools visited so far:​

Kowloon Junior School

Japanese International School

The Harbour School

Korean International School

Glenealy School

​Nord Anglia International School

British Council International Pre-School

​​Think International School

​Christian Alliance International School

​Sha Tin Junior School

​Discovery Bay International School

​American International School

​Beacon Hill School

 ​​Etonhouse International Pre-School

Renaissance College Hong Kong 

ELCHK Lutheran Academy

City University Hong Kong

Hong Kong Adventist Academy